Why Pinaheart?

Dating has become simpler than ever, and Pinaheart is here to prove that right! We at Pinaheart only have one goal, and that is to bring two people together successfully.

Pinaheart provides a FREE, safe, user-friendly platform that’s accessible for all with a passion for bringing foreigners to their suitable Filipina match. This website is a haven for Foreigners and Filipino women worldwide looking for a serious and lifelong relationship.

You can be at ease knowing that we, at Pinaheart, monitor user’s behavior constantly. Plus, we also provide clients the tools they can use to report fraud, identity theft, disrespectful and abusive users.

It is essential to know when to be suspicious: see Dating Safety.

One crucial tip: Fill in your profile as complete as possible. An accurate and complete profile will dramatically increase your chances of finding an excellent partner. Of course, it’s also essential to upload few clear photos. Our experience shows that the number of images has a role in online dating success. Without photos will not get the attention you deserve.

Best of luck with your search!


Pinaheart Team

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Pinaheart personal services

Searching for your future partner can be challenging, especially when meeting each other in person isn't yet possible. Filtering through hundreds or maybe thousands of potential candidates can be a very time-consuming task. For our customers who are very goal-oriented and are ready to find their future partner within 6-12 months, Pinaheart offers individual ad hoc services to assist in making the right decisions.

We have the necessary experience in the Philippines; we understand the mistakes to avoid, are familiar with the local community and their mentality, and know how to conduct our due diligence. Pinaheart does not, in any way, want to be involved in sex tourism. Our Personal Service is not suitable for those who don't have serious intentions. We highly respect Filipino ladies and are committed to investing energy only in fostering real, lasting relationships. How you spend your time with your Filipina is your business, as long as the intention is serious and long-term.

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Pinaheart helps poor people in the Philippines

Pinaheart has a big heart for Filipino orphans. Pinaheart believes that the world is hard enough for these children, and thus aims to support those who have no family or a home to go, to by supporting them with food and love.

When you click and start dating on Pinaheart, you're not just giving yourself a chance to find the love of your life but also a chance to help needy kids in the Philippines. By merely being a dating site member, you are given the privilege to support charity and build a community of love.

Online Dating: Is Dating a Filipina Worth it?

Love is a beautiful feeling though its meaning varies to different people. It contains warmth, affection, emotions, and attitudes. We all have an ardent desire to love, to care, and of course, have it in return. Among the 55.3 million loving Filipina, giving yourself a chance to date one is quite worth it. Your desire for love may come into fulfillment as they are the perfect candidate to take good care of your heart.

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Our Vision on the Search for Your Perfect Partner

Why would you marry a Filipina? Why not Russian, Ukrainian? Which things should I pay attention to in my search?
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