Filipina Dating: What You Don't Know About a Filipina

Here's a brief collection of Filipino women facts you might want to know if you're finding a Filipina for marriage through an online dating service.

  1. A Filipina is said to be more easy-going compared to other Asians

  2. A Filipina takes personal and family honor as dignity and pride.

  3. Hiya (Shame) is taught to Filipina women at a young age.

  4. A Filipina has a strong sense of family duty.

  5. Some Filipina love to fool around- making jokes or hilarious pranks.

  6. Filipina women living in rural areas are still firm and strictly follow traditions.

  7. A lot of Filipina girls are happy-go-lucky!

  8. Most Filipina loves sosyalan (socializing).

  9. A Filipina has a 'bahala na' (come what may) attitude, they tend to entrust difficulties and shortcomings to the Almighty.

  10. A Filipina values social approval.

Knowing these short Filipino women facts, you might understand your Filipina partner better.