Frequently Asked Questions

1. I thought this site is for free?

Using the website is really for free, but in order to communicate for free, you need your profile to get verified (click your profile photo in the red menu bar and select “Verify my profile”). Without member verification, our community would be flooded with scammer profiles.

Verified users can communicate for free with up to 5 other verified members each day.

See also this page which explains in detail who you can chat with.

If you want unlimited communication then we invite you to upgrade your account to Premium.

2. If I pay to upgrade, do other members also have to upgrade to chat with me?

No, only one of you needs to pay.

3. How can I upgrade and how much does it cost?

You can view our upgrade plans here. Subscriptions are available for 1 month, 3 months or 12 months. The longer period you take, the less you pay per month. At the end of the billing period, your subscription will automatically be renewed so you don´t lose any communication. You can simply disable auto renewal in Settings with 1 click.

4. Why profile verification?

As mentioned above, verified members can chat for free with other verified members.

Verifying your profile shows that you are more sincere in searching for friends and the one you love. Since a verified profile proves that you are who you say you are, other members will be more comfortable corresponding with you.

5. Something is not working correctly on the site. What do I do?

Please let us know here what happened or what is missing. Give us as many details as possible, and we´ll contact you.

If you found a real bug or a good fix for a problem, we´ll reward you with Free Premium membership.

6. What about fake profiles and scammers?

We at work very hard to detect fake profiles and scammers, and we have a zero-tolerance policy for money beggars. We also ask for your help though, to let us know if you discover a scammer. Typically, scammers try asking for money because a family member is in the hospital, their phone is broken, or they have no food for their child. Never send any money to a member you haven´t met in person. Even if you´ve talked on (video)chat, we cannot stress enough how important it is not to give money. Once you´re giving money, you don´t know what the motives of your partner are, to keep communicating with you. Even if the amounts are low. The risk is yours.

On all member profiles and chat screens, there are links to block and/or report members.

7. As a free member, can I send email addresses or phone numbers through the chat system?

As a Premium member, you can send your contact information. Be careful though not doing so too quickly; on our chat system, your private contact information is secure.

If you´re not a Premium member, and you´re sending your phone number or email address in the beginning of your conversations, you will be considered as SPAMMER and your profile will be blocked by the Pinaheart team.

Members with wrong intentions will always try to divert you away from the site as soon as possible. We advise you to take your time.

8. How can you protect yourselves?

There is no substitute for acting with caution when communicating with any stranger who wants to chat with you.

Don´t put personal contact information in your profile: never include your last name, email address, phone number, home or work address. We don´t allow it at Pinaheart, and will remove it when we see it, for your own safety.

9. How can I cancel my profile?

Click on the settings icon in the red menu bar, and click on Settings, then click “Switch my profile off”.

Members who haven´t logged in for an extended time, will finally have their profiles permanently deleted.