Cebu: The Ultimate Couples Bucket List

“Sharing adventures means enjoying them 100% more.” -Anonymous

Do you and your online dating partner love to travel? Here comes the perfect place to go!

Dating couples who travel together savor the freedom traveling provides. Most often, taking off on an adventure offers a healthy angle for the headway of your relationship and gives you and your partner a sense of presence. Traveling together galvanizes and grants you beautiful reasons to stick with each other. With that, Cebu should hit your bucket list.

You can do so several exciting things in Cebu, but one mistake couples often make while visiting Cebu is only trying to do one or two activities and then head to another island. Many couples do that, but Cebu has a lot to offer other than an activity or two! It would be best if you wouldn’t miss that.

There is something magical about Cebu that you won’t ever experience in other places in the Philippines. With magnificent engineering, enthralling locals, and mythical clear turquoise water that will surely take your breath away, Cebu is surely a good place to build up exciting experiences with your partner!

Here are the things you should put on your bucket list for your enthralling Cebu adventure with your partner:

  • 1. Hike through Casino Peak

    The first thing that comes to mind when we think of Cebu are beaches, amazing whale shark shows, and countless water activities. However, I would like to start our journey from the beautiful roof of Cebu.

    Between the borders of Badian and Dalaguete lies the numerous conic summits of Casino Peak that resemble the picturesque mountain peaks of Bohol’s Chocolate Hills. Upon reaching the top of this rocky ridge, you will see an almost mystical view that you have never seen, even in your wildest dream. In this place rests a scenic view of the iconic serrated peaks that stretch up to the nearby town of Badian.

    Casino Peak is surely a romantic place to spend your day with your Filipina dating partner. I bet proposing with this panoramic view would surely make your partner say, “Yes!”

  • 2. Snorkeling

    Yeah, I know. Snorkeling is a common thing to do for couples, especially when visiting a tropical country, but you’ll have it different in Cebu.

    In Moalboal, you will get to dive down in an ocean with thousands of sardines swimming in unison as though they are presenting an incredible dance performance. Imagine romancing your partner in the middle of this fantastic fish exhibition. That would probably seem like a scene straight from a romantic movie!

    There’s no need to hurt your pocket to buy or rent expensive gears. Goggles and masks that cost less than $5 are enough to behold the beauty of this natural phenomenon.

  • 3. Tour in Lusno Falls

    I bet you’ve heard about Kawasan Falls, which is really popular in Cebu. However, you should give a chance to this secret yet equally stunning waterfalls in Ronda.

    The Lusno Falls is a secluded sanctuary free from the touch of modernity. You will see no stores, no cottages, and no comfort rooms. Visitors even need to hike to reach the central falls themselves.

    Climbing to the top of the waterfalls is quite challenging, but all the hassle would be worth it once you reach the top. The Lusno Falls may not be as towering as Kawasan Falls, but the clear waters and natural rock formation are certainly a sight to behold.

    Cebu is home to countless noble waterfalls that you can visit. You can also try visiting Cambais Fall, Inambakan Falls, Kabutongan Waterfall Trek, Binalayan or Hidden Waterfall, and many more. If you and your partner are chasing majestic waterfalls, better hit your phone and buy a plane ticket going to Cebu right away!

  • 4. Visit the Taj Mahal of Cebu- Temple of Leah

    Cebu is not just a home of grand sceneries but a place with a story of great love. Aside from the Temple of Leah’s appealing Roman-style structure, what draws countless tourists to this place is the beauty that resides in its history.

    The Temple of Leah was built by a Filipino businessman named Teodorico Adarna in memories of his undying love for his beloved wife, Leah Villa Albino-Adarna.

    I bet your partner would love the heartwarming story behind this temple too! It is among the most favorite sites to visit in Cebu. The fees cost around $2.

  • 5. Swim with the Whale Sharks

    Perhaps, your heart might have raced with this saying, “What?! Swim with whale sharks? Are you insane?”

    Well, yes.

    Swimming along with the whale sharks is one of the most unforgettable thrilling experiences you could ever have in Cebu. We barely live one life, so why not strive to live the best out of it?

    And the fees are also insanely affordable. Tourists were only charged $20 (1000 PHP) for a 30-minute swimming journey, including snorkeling gear and boat ride, with these graceful giants.

    Swimming with gigantic sharks would definitely be fun and memorable for you and your partner. When your hair went gray, you’ll have nerve-wracking stories to tell to your little ones.

  • 6. Canyoneering

    Canyoneering through crystal turquoise blue waters from the canyons to Kawasan Falls is one heck of an extremely fun activity you could do in Cebu.

    The thrilling activity starts within the jungle and goes on for 2 hours. Your heart will definitely race with excitement as you jump, climb and float on your way down to the falls.

    The fees range from $20-$30.

  • 7. Knowing the locals

    You see, the best part of every travel is knowing the locals and living how the locals do.

    Meeting and befriending locals is the best way to know the distinct culture of a place and the best places the area has to offer. Most importantly, you could make friends that almost feels like a family.

    These stories of chance encounters will open up countless opportunities and realization to you and your partner. You will both learn and grow a lot.

    On the chance that you’re still searching for a foreign dating partner, Cebu would be a good place to find one.

Key Takeaways

Besides these six, countless activities and spectacular places are waiting for you in Cebu. From the jewel mountains, picturesque coral reefs, enticing architectures, and wildlife with both the furry and finned varieties, Cebu is a beautiful place, perfect for vacation and even permanent settlement with your partner.