Cebu’s Top 5 Most Romantic Dining Place

Were you looking for an affordable yet romantic restaurant in Cebu? Read on. We’re off to dig out great dine-in restaurants that would probably make your date the most romantic one!

  • 1. Top of Cebu

    What’s more sentimental than eating out on top of the mountain with a breathtaking panoramic view, breezy romantic ambiance, and a plate of a scrumptious salivating meal with the person you love? Of course, we want it.

    Top of Cebu is a restaurant just nearby the famous Tops Lookout, which offers a variety of Filipino dishes infused with a modern twist and a scenic view of the city’s skyline.

    We can say you’ll have it all here- the best food, the best view with the best life partner. What else could you ask for a romantic date?

  • 2. Scrape Deck

    Located on the top of Azon Residences is a premier restaurant situated in the heart of Mactan.

    For those couples with pure food satisfaction in mind, you can come and indulge your cravings with Scrape Deck’s internationally-inspired dishes while enjoying the place’s classy ambiance.

    You will be delighted by the magnifique overlooking view of Marcelo Fernan Bridge and the Mactan channel if you choose to dine al fresco under the stars. And an elegant romantic ambiance is waiting for you if you choose to dine indoors.

    Scape Skydeck is known for its exquisite dishes and signature cocktails.

  • 3. La Maison Rose

    La Maison Rose, also known as The Pink House, has been a Cebu landmark for almost 70 years, and it sits prettily on a half-hectare estate on a ridge along Gorordo Avenue. Presently, this place serves as a French language school by daytime and a romantic French dining restaurant by night.

    La Maison Rose was completed way back in 1939, yet the place seems to be frozen in time as its ancient beauty still flutters the heart of many visitors. Its intimate and homey ambiance allows couples to savor the meal with great pleasure.

  • 4. Circa 1900

    For couples yearning for an instagrammable interior aesthetic, Circa 1900 is a good place to go. The timeless combination of white and wood will surely bring a festive and relaxing mood for a great dinner night. You can choose between indoor or outdoor dining, as well as a full bar.

    Situated in a renovated ancestral house, Circa 1900 offers a fusion cuisine of Asian and American favorites. The restaurant has WiFi that diners could use, but couples are deeply encouraged to maximize their vintage ambiance dining by setting aside their devices.

  • 5. No.9

    No.9 is a 50-year old ancestral house turned into a restaurant that caters unique Spanish cuisine fusion experience, perfect for a romantic dine-out with your partner.

    Blended with the vintage façade of ancient Hispanic architecture is a modern interior that perfectly demonstrates the marriage of old and new. No. 9 is surely a must-go!

Key Takeaways

Carmen Electra once said, “Dinner is a great first date. Don’t believe that stuff about girls not wanting to eat on a first date - sharing a romantic meal is so sexy.”

The main goal of a romantic date is to relax and share intimate time over dishes and beverages that are mutually pleasing. Good food, good mood! So, make sure to ask your partner what kind of cuisine she prefers. Through these eat-outs and dines, you can know each other more deeply.

Food has been a main ingredient of romance since ancient times, and although couples are pretty capable of taking their own food, the custom of breaking bread together is still engraved on our psyches.