Online Asian Dating: How Filipinos Date

With its remarkable beauty, breathtaking pristine beaches, stunning landscapes, exquisite cuisines, grand festivals, and vibrant mix of culture, the Philippines is a country you’ll surely fall in love with. Tourists often think that it’s just about the spectacular sceneries, but this country is more than those eye-feeding views. What’s more enticing in this place are the people themselves, the Filipinos- their traditions and cultures. Thus, searching for a partner in the Philippines challenges you to know how they date too.

You see, the dating culture in the Philippines has a unique mix-up of traditional and modern wooing. Traditional dating etiquette equates to courting or ‘panliligaw’ in Filipino terms. Panliligaw was now blended with modernism, somewhat influenced by western culture.

If you plan or are already dating Asian ladies, specifically Filipina, you better dig into their dating culture before meeting them personally. Perhaps, grasping Asian girls dating culture would make your Filipino girl head over heels for you.

A Glimpse on Filipino Dating

  • 1. Men Do The Courting

    Most often than not, mothers teach their female kids to play hard to get on the first dating phase. Filipino women in rural areas firmly believe that men should do the pursuit. Most Filipina are afraid of taking the first move as it is considered an embarrassment in the eyes of their families and even society. Women prefer an approach in a friendly or discreet manner, and they consider otherwise aggressive. That will be a big turn-off!

    Apparent traditional ‘Panliligaw’ done in the Philippines includes singing romantic songs, writing letters, gift-giving, and even reciting poems! Men even do some household chores to be accepted by the family. These are the courtship standards in the Philippines society, and perhaps you could try one of these things on your Filipino girl too.

    On the other hand, this tradition now becomes a myth in urban towns as these places now displays modernized and liberated living.

  • 2. No Public Display of Affection

    Public display of affection may be typical in western countries, but you will see furrowed brows following around if you do that in the Philippines. Elders are firm believers of reservation and conservatism. That is also the reason why courting takes years before a Filipino woman accepts a lover. Well, this only applies to Filipino women looking for a serious relationship, though.

    Dating couples are expected to repress their affection- no hugging and kissing in public places! Even just holding each other’s hands or arm linking is already considered a sweet gesture.

    So, if you’re meeting your Filipino girl whom you chatted on a free Philippine dating site, be careful not to do these things in public if you want to please your partner’s family, nor if you don’t want to draw much attention.

    But who even cares if you want to do it anyway, right?

  • 3. Respect Parents’ Consent

    Entering a relationship with a Filipina requires you to build a bond and rapport with her family, especially with her parents.

    Filipino parents tend to be strict sometimes when it comes to their precious daughter’s dating life. Traditionally speaking, a suitor should ask for parents’ permission first before officially courting a Filipina. Parents should know where you are heading and what time you will take their daughter home during a date. They even order curfews and request a chaperone to make sure their daughter is safe. Well, this is not really common, but it happens!

    Here’s one free Filipina dating tip: If you plan to meet your Filipino girl personally, go straight to her home and ask her parents’ permission. That will be a plus ‘pogi point’ for you!

    [Pogi Point is a Filipino term for imaginary points bestowed for witty, cool, or any positive action for impressing parents of dating partner or the partner herself.]

  • 4. Accept Spiritual Beliefs

    Don’t take Filipinos religious beliefs lightly.

    More than 80% of Filipinos are Christians. And since most Filipina grew up in a religious family, parents or grandparents believe that it would be a deal-breaker if their children would end up with someone of a similar religion.

    Saying you are a Christian with the same faith, it will be easier for you to get accepted into the family. If not, it is not a big deal as long as respect and agreement between you. Although some beliefs may conflict with yours, it is inappropriate to speak rude comments.

    A relationship cannot last long without respect and acceptance, so if religion matters to you, better date someone from your religion to avoid conflict.

    Keep in mind that this is on a case-to-case basis. A lot of Filipino families are willing to accept anyone that would make their children happy. They might even prepare a feast for you to welcome you into the family warmly.

  • 5. Meet the Whole Family

    You must have heard countless times that Filipinos are family-oriented. You will know a Filipina is getting serious with you if she wants to introduce you to her whole family.

    If you are expecting to meet just the parents and siblings, then you’re absolutely wrong! You will be meeting the whole barangay! Well, there’s a little exaggeration right there, but not far from the truth. You will meet all her relatives, from her grandparents down to her aunts, uncles, nephews, and even her neighbors!

    And of course, you shouldn’t forget to ‘mano’ to all of them as an honoring gesture to elders. To ‘mano,’ you should give a greeting bow towards the elders’ hand and press your forehead towards it. Now that’s a good start to capture their hearts!

Bottom Line

Dating a Filipina is an experience you wouldn’t forget for the rest of your life. And though meeting and dating a Filipina from the best Philippine dating site that you know is convenient, the desire to be familiar and put these traditions into personal practice might lead you to a stronger and better relationship with your Filipina partner.

Don’t sweat it too much. Enjoying each other’s company and choosing each other every day is what matters the most.