Safe Dating Tips: How to Avoid Online Dating Scams

The rise of free online dating sites was deeply embraced by many—a trend in its full swing.

  • “I love you.”
  • “I miss you.”
  • “I want to see you.”
  • “You make my day better.”

These may be a heart-fluttering, shuddering message, but how can you be so sure these messages are true? Well, searching for a partner on free dating sites has its gains and losses. We often forget the roses are surrounded by thorns too!

Now, let me tell you a short story.

  • There was a time Joshua was so frustrated looking for love but cannot find it. He decided to pick up his phone, browse for a free Filipina dating site, and sign up, wishing to find someone to fill the void in his heart. And luckily he found one! Finally, after countless failed matches, happiness is knocking on the door!

    They started exchanging lines, social media accounts and telling stories. It was wonderful for Joshua! For months they have been talking; he feels like she’s the person he’s going to spend life with.

    Until one day she said her mother was sick and...asked for money!

    Joshua sincerely loves her. He trusts her. So then, he wired money into her account, wanting to help; he did anything he could. Joshua felt comfortable as she said everything is fine with his financial help. Her mother survived, thanks to him.

    But not long after, she once again asks for money for a follow-up check-up, then comes her brother’s tuition fee and even a budget for food. Joshua was fed up; he stopped sending her what she asks. Then he speaks up to ask her to be with him across the country.

    Slowly, she’s getting hard to reach. Sweet morning text messages became rare. Up to the time that days, weeks, and months passed, he could no longer contact her. Reality tore down the dreams he had in mind into pieces. His money was stolen… along with his heart that’s now breaking falling apart.

You see, you can find a crowd of scammers on dating sites. For what reason? Trust. When love and emotions are involved, people tend to put their trust easily and make illogical decisions. Dating scammers tend to stay in the relationship as long as everything is going their way.

Pinaheart surely is one of the safest online dating sites. However, don’t let your guard down. You can never be so sure of the people you just met online. Don’t fall into the trap easily.

Safe Dating Tips to Protect Yourself from Scammers

No matter how safe dating services are, keep in mind that there will always be a risk of getting deceived. Hence, here are some online dating tips to protect yourself from possible dating nightmares.

  • Never share your personal information.

    One online dating tip for women: Be careful of how much information you want to share.

    Never share your full name, address, phone number, and any other personal information that could be used to fake your identity. Doing so increases the risk of stalking, harassment, and even identity theft. Scammers could even use your profile to commit fraudulent activities online!

  • Go through a strict background check.

    With countless photos you can access online, catfishing is not entirely impossible. So before trusting your match, be sure if their dating profile is real and not a fictional persona nor a fake identity.

  • Don’t send risqué or intimate photos.

    Sending risqué or intimate images could lead your relationship to a case of sexortation. A scammer may ask for a considerable amount of money or sexual favors from you by warning to expose your images. This is a crucial online dating tip for women. Don’t ever try sending one.

  • Have an eye for inconsistencies.

    Even the most terrific liar on earth could have slipped on the tongue too. Try asking questions that would put him/her in circles to check if there are any discrepancies. If there’s any, you better be cautious.

  • Never send money.

    If you’re a natural giver, then sending some would not be a problem for you, but don’t just give it away to a scam! It’s typical to send money when you established a connection. However, never send money to someone you engaged in online dating websites unless you met them personally.

  • Initiate a video call if possible.

    By initiating a video call, you can be sure that the dating profile of the person you are talking to online isn’t a fictional persona.

Keep these online dating safety tips in mind and dating a Filipina would be nothing but bliss. Sign up at Pinaheart right now to start your pleasurable Filipino dating journey!