Pinaheart's Safe Dating Tips: How to Spot a Catfish

"OH, MY GOODNESS! I dated a fake for months! I can't believe I was deceived like this!"

Are we on the same page? Have you ever grown deeply in love with someone you met on a free online dating site that has nothing to give you but lies? Or are you reading this to avoid getting scammed in the future? Well, nonetheless, I want to tell you a short story about two foreign dating partners I had watched previously.

Aired on one of the episodes of TLC's 90 Day Fiancé was the fishy far-fetched online dating love story of Las Vegas retiree David and Slavic beauty Lana.

David, who was in his 60's met the 27-year-old Lana on a known Ukrainian dating website and swiftly fell in love with her just by merely talking with her on the site's chatroom. We could not blame David, though. With Lana's stunningly gorgeous Slavic charisma and her enticing sweet messages, I bet you would too.

But the end of this story is not a glitzy happy ending fairytale but rather an incubus nightmare, perhaps, for David.

Watching the clip, I was dumbfounded to find out that David went out his way and spent a hefty $100,000 to talk with Lana. That is insanely huge, and I cannot believe that he wasted that much money on an online dating service.

The Las Vegas loverboy had multiple failed attempts to meet Lana but always go home with a dejected look on his face. Though many people were saying that Lana was a catfish, the infatuated David continued to fight for his love. And he even fired his hand-hired investigator after reporting that Lana was on seven to eight websites. Just how madly in love is he?

Fortunately, TLC made way for the two souls to meet. After seven years of the long wait, David got the chance to ask Lana's hand for marriage, and she gladly accepted it.

Though we can compare this romantic story to one heck of a roller coaster ride that finally reached its end, we should never neglect the information that Lana's dating profile was on almost eight websites. David shouldn't have missed the signals that the apple of his eye might be a catfish.

"Wait...Then are you telling me that Lana is a catfish?"

Well, maybe she is, or maybe she's not.

But what I am trying to point out here is you should not ignore the hints of having a catfish partner. Don't be blinded by your visions of love, and forget safe online dating practices.

First, I want to describe briefly what a catfish is to those who don't know.

What is a catfish?

A catfish is a person who creates a fake online dating profile to deceive people who are searching for a partner and usually ask for favors from them.

Where does catfishing happen?

Catfishing usually happens on dating sites. Catfishes’ targets people's desire to be loved and use it to their advantage.

Have you been into a free online dating site and saw multiple stunningly gorgeous profile that appears to be photographed on one place? Or see beautiful women dressed pretty much the same?

If yes, then you might have been on a website full of catfish!

There are deceptive websites that create a trap for users. They usually get beautiful women, dress them in enticing sexy dresses, schedule shoots for captivating images, and use their profile for catfishing.

Those who don't know about it end up getting fooled and pay the website for messages from these beauties. In some cases, people even pay the website for translation to talk with these girls- not knowing that they are talking with a fake.

Be cautious of some free dating websites, be wise in analyzing online dating profiles. Good thing there's a real online dating site like Pinaheart to provide you safe dating services! So much for an advertisement, now here's the catch.

How to Spot A Catfish?

  • 1. Dig into their social media accounts.

    When you met someone virtually, it is a must to make sure that they are who they claim they are. And one way to make sure of that is by digging into their social media account.

    Try looking up their name in a search engine, on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. People who are on a dating site are more likely to have accounts on social media platforms.

    If you find their accounts, you should look at two things- the quality and quantity of their photos.

    • Quantity of photos – People typically have more than one picture, especially Asian girls. If they don't have a lot, perhaps look for tagged images or posts to confirm that person really exists.
    • Quantity of photos – Like we've mentioned earlier, some website even schedules a professional shoot for girls so they will look enticing. Moreover, catfish prefer choosing professional-looking shots when they steal images from the internet.
  • 2. Ask for a video call.

    You should ring your alarm bells when you notice that the person you are talking with doesn't want communication outside the website nor show their face.

    Like, why would they even spend hours or even months talking with you if they don't want to exchange contact information? What's the sense, alright? Perhaps, they are fake!

    If they continuously refuse or make excuses, you should stop the connection and save your time for someone genuine.

  • 3. Notice the phasing of your relationship. Is it going too fast?

    If they tell you that they love you after hours of talking, put your gears on and save yourself from their sweet but deadly attacks. Trust and relationships develop over months, so if they are going too quickly, don't get your hopes too high.

  • 4. Observe attitude.

    If the person you meet online seems to be too good to be true, beware. If you've fallen for someone with model-like images, a perfect attitude, and a fantastic lifestyle, there's probably a fishy catch.

  • 5. Talk about money.

    This is a very obvious and cliche way to spot a fake- talk about money.

    A catfish uses a fake identity for a reason, which is to get something from its target. Try talking about finances, and if they ask for money, don't give in.

    Remember, you're on a dating site to look for a serious relationship, not to be a philanthropist. If someone from an online dating site asked for money after romancing you or after telling you their stories, don't put your guard down.

Key Takeaways

On the chance you are searching for a partner or finding an Asian girl for dating- perhaps Filipina girls and women or Thai girls, make sure to visit real online dating sites.

There are countless websites for free dating out there, but only a few offers a safe and secured dating site.