Pinaheart Personal Services

Why personal services?

Finding a match can take time, often a lot of it if you're not fortunate. It's common for it to take many months or even years to find your other half offline, so don't expect to find the woman of your dreams immediately after a few chats. Being realistic is crucial.

I hesitate to admit it, but it took me a few years to find my current wife. I, too, made mistakes - often overlooking small but significant details that I should have anticipated or understood. This is especially true if you lack experience with the country or Asian culture in general, and if this is your first time dating a Filipina. There's much to learn, not negatively, but in the sense of seeking a true match rather than just a pretty face. There are too many nuances to list here about the long-distance dating process, including its challenges and opportunities, how to approach meetings, considerations to bear in mind, and ways to handle situations when things don't go as expected…

Who is it for?

Our service is ideal for anyone who is not just casually browsing but is determined to find a very good match in a relatively short amount of time. If you're a man who knows what he wants, is proactive about it, and doesn't want to waste time making too many mistakes, we can help. Thanks to our extensive experience, we can significantly increase your chances of finding the one with whom you'll share your life, ultimately saving you both money and stress.

We have been providing professional matchmaking services since 1998, in Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines. I have personally navigated the search for a partner. Having been married to a Russian woman and, following a divorce after 10 years, now happily married to a Filipina, I have firsthand experience with international partner searches.

Which services does Pinaheart provide?

First and foremost, we do NOT offer group trips. In the past, we organized these, and they were a lot of fun. However, they often resulted in more enjoyment than actual marriage outcomes. If you're young and looking for such an experience, you're welcome to try elsewhere. At Pinaheart, our focus is on delivering results for those seeking a lifetime partner. Therefore, we provide individual guidance. If you and a friend want to use our service together, that's perfectly fine, but we do not facilitate large group meetings

Some of our services:

  • Assisting you in your online search. We collaborate to determine the kind of lady you are looking for and help you filter your choices.
  • When things are progressing well, we conduct background checks and verifications to ascertain if the lady is genuine. This includes verifying her identity and ensuring she is not a scammer, mass mailer, gold digger, or involved with other men.
  • Meeting you at the airport in the Philippines. We assist in finding a safe place to stay in a convenient neighborhood, set up meetings, ensure your safety, monitor your progress daily, and provide additional information as needed.
  • In some cases, we advise visiting 2 or 3 ladies if you are uncertain. Since trips to the Philippines are not frequent, it's important to be prepared. Sometimes, you might be talking to 2 very interesting ladies, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages. The best approach is to meet them, talk to them, go out to a restaurant, enjoy some karaoke, visit places together, and let her cook for and take care of you. Within 24 hours, you will get to know the lady much better.
  • Although I am a strong proponent of transparency and honesty, in the scenario described above, we strongly advise against telling the lady that you're considering and want to visit another woman. Doing so will likely result in losing her interest entirely. This doesn't mean you have to be intimate with two women to 'test' them, but there's nothing wrong with exploring your options. After all, these decisions affect the rest of your life.

Pricing indication for Personal Services (USD)

Monthly assistance fee during online search (1)550
Background check of your ladydepending on location and type
Flower bouquet and/or chocolates delivered including photo+video during the delivery, specific questions to the lady.250
Assistance fees in the Philippines:
First week (2)3500
Next weeks, price per week (3)1900
Marriage setup (locally), assistance with paperwork, notary, prenup.1200
Visa consultancyFor free, payment directly to professional

(1) We can give you honest insight about her behavior on the website without invading her privacy. We can advise you about how to approach her, which behavior is good or inappropriate etc.

(2) You will be assisted 24/7 by both a Western and Filipino manager. If desired, we can help with finding a hotel, apartment, visa assistance, managing transport, translation, legal advice, restaurant recommendations, and Filipino due diligence. Any specialized third-party advice should be paid directly to the provider (legal fees, notary, etc.).

(3) The same service as in (2) is being provided. There may be additional transport expenses if you wish to travel around and have us escort you (1 Western manager and 1 local manager). The lodging for Pinaheart managers is already included in the price.

A customized assistance package can be created according to your preferences.