Online Dating Tips: Dos And Don’ts In A Relationship

The Philippine culture is chained in tradition and history; hence Filipino dating has many dos and don’ts attached to it. As a matter of fact, rather than dating, courting is more accepted in the Philippines.

The two are kind of confusing, so here’s the thing.

Dating is a westernized stage of a relationship where partners meet socially, aiming to assess suitability as a prospective companion in the future. Marriage may not be the goal of dating. It might only be for intimate tenacities.

On the other hand, courting is pretty serious compared to dating. Courtship already has marriage in mind. It is approached with seriousness and eagerness to start a long-lasting relationship. Therefore, you shouldn’t take courting lightly.

Knowing your Filipina partner’s boundaries and thin lines could help you build up an exquisite long-lasting relationship. Hereafter, this article will give you online dating tips that would serve as a guide for you to achieve that.


  • 1. Respect her parents’ decisions.

    Traditionally speaking, Filipino women are modest and reserved. Often, they require suitors to visit at home and ask permission from the father. If you suddenly show up and date secretly, that would be considered offensive.

    In times, her parents could even show scorn at you, don’t take it personally as it is just a Filipino parent’s way to protect their precious daughter.

    If they want you to go home at 6 in the evening, you should obey. If the parents want you to stay home for a date, you should do so—a lot of Filipina are bound by these rulings. Avoid verbal clashes even if you disagree with them.

    Even renowned Filipina celebrities like Toni and Alex Gonzaga can attest to that. As said in their interviews, they are not allowed to travel without chaperons, to have sleepovers, boyfriends are prohibited from entering their room, and even in their late 20’s, they still have curfews!

    Parent’s decisions are vital in Filipino dating. And some rulings may not go along with your ways and likings, but respecting Filipino parents would surely bring you closer to capturing a Filipina heart.

  • 2. Know her likes and favorites.

    After few visits, women will accept the suitor as a friend first. Then comes the ‘getting to know each other’ stage where they will observe each other’s good and bad sides, the likes and dislikes, favorite food, birth date, and any other personal things.

    Once a Filipina tells you what she likes, engrave the information in your mind as she would appreciate it so much if you can remember it! When she mentioned vegetables are not in her likings and prefers something heavy for a meal, bring her to a fast-food or restaurant that would cater to her favorites.

    You could even say, “I remembered you mentioned to me once that you like such food...” and things like that. That’s undoubtedly a good way to touch a Filipina heart! Thoughtfulness is one of the keys!

  • 3. Be generous to her family.

    There is a halfway difference between scammers asking for money and generosity. If you take out a Filipina girl to dine out and the family comes along, there will be no strife for the bill; it’s your responsibility to pay for it.

    Moreover, it’s a norm in the Philippines that you are expected to bring home a gift once you come back if you travel. If you’re planning to visit your Filipino girl, better look for a token that you could give to her family. Filipinos call it “pasalubong.” It signifies that even when you are from afar, you’re still thinking of your family. It’s considered a sweet and touching gesture that may win over a Filipina’s family member.

    Expect that when you fall in love with a Filipina, it is your role to love and embrace her family along. A little generosity to a Filipino family could go a long way, and they would even bring it back to you twofold.

  • 4. Respect her culture

    Filipino culture is moderately different from western culture. And some of it may not seem to make sense at all, but you must respect it regardless of that.

    The Filipinos are very proud of their culture, so make sure not to make fun of it. That’s a clear sign of disrespect. Learning and embracing a Filipina’s culture will bring you closer to each other as it is a part of welcoming her being too.

    Valuing one’s culture doesn’t only apply to dating. You are expected to respect other’s cultures whether you’re dating or not.


  • 1. Avoid disregarding her religious beliefs.

    Most of the women you will meet value spiritual fervor to the extreme. Sunday is considered a holy day, at the same time, a family day. A much as possible, they avoid working on that day and instead attend holy masses and go to church every week or do things together as a family.

    If you are not a churchgoer and decided to date a religious Filipina, you should not prevent her from attending a Sunday church. If you have a different religion, have an agreement not to fight over spiritual beliefs.

    We can love beyond religion, but we cannot love beyond disrespect.

  • 2. Do not assume

    When a Filipina starts dating you, do not immediately assume that she’s open to intimate advances like caressing, hugging, kissing, and sexual activities. Remember that Filipina women are conservative, and it’s your duty to remain a gentleman.

    It may be common in a relationship to do intimate things, but in dating a Filipina, you should take things slow, or you could ask for permission. Or else, you might find yourself in dispute with her brothers or male cousins. Fair warning.

  • 3. Do not start an argument

    Filipinos are good people, but just like anyone else, anger can overpower their good attitude, so don’t provoke them by starting an argument. When they are angry, they create a fight without thinking consequences. They could even break up with you over small, petty things! The funny part is, they would be the ones to run after you in the end once they calm down.

  • 4. Do not force her.

    If you want to go somewhere or do something and a Filipina says, “I am busy,” “maybe,” “I don’t know,” that often means no. Do not force her to do those things. Learn to read between the lines.

Key Takeaways

Due to the massive number of Filipina online dating app users, you must be thinking that Filipino women are easy to fall in love but definitely not! Maybe a few deprived Filipina could take you on because of money, but there’s a lot out there who are willing to love you beyond material things.

If a Filipina says, she had fallen deeply in love with you after a few days of talking on a free Filipino dating website, better be cautious. She might not be serious about having a relationship with you.