Our Vision on the Search for Your Perfect Partner

History and Eastern Europe

At Pinaheart, we have many years of experience bringing people together through online dating sites. Things have changed significantly over the last 25 years. We started in 1998 in Russia, a time when most people didn’t have internet access. Girls would come to our office to have their pictures taken, fill out their profiles, and we would publish them online, one by one. The major advantage was that we met all the ladies individually, and to be honest, 99% of them were serious, decent women who wanted to find a foreign husband. The disadvantage was that the number of ladies was limited, and often they could not communicate directly with their potential partners.

As time went on, more dating sites appeared, many of them with fake profiles. It was a mess. There are still a lot of (mainly Eastern European) dating sites where the women seem too good to be true, and a lot of money is requested just to communicate with them, sometimes paid per message.

Our experience shows that most Western men are looking for a simple, decent lady who can create a “home,” take care of their husband, be positive, and behave mainly like Western women did 70 years ago in the US and Europe. I have lived myself for over 15 years in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, and other Eastern European countries. In the 90s, the ladies in those countries were like heaven on earth, compared to the feminist-influenced women we have in the West. 10-15 years later, that began to change. Many Russian/Ukrainian women became “Westernized,” developing bigger and bigger financial expectations.

Today, most ladies from mainly large cities in Eastern European countries are not better suited for marriage than their Western counterparts, often much worse. I also see quite some incompatibility between today's Eastern European ladies and American men. Nevertheless, in my view, the most beautiful women can be found in Russia and Ukraine. But at what cost?

I was married myself for 9.5 years to a Russian woman, who completely changed over time, especially after my employer went bankrupt and I found myself several months without income. It was a total failure with consequences I cannot even describe here.

Asia and The Philippines

I was never interested in Asian women; I just never even thought about it. I had always been influenced by the beautiful Eastern European ladies I met in the 90s, and their focus on making their husband happy in return for a “normal” stable relationship. A good friend of mine had exactly the same experience. Around 2010, he wrote to me about his excellent experience with Filipino ladies, but I was not interested.

Until 3 years later, my friend told me about a Filipina girl he knew, who was located “only” about 1500km from my home. She was married there to a guy who was abusing her, even forbidding her to leave the house! Long story short, we started to write to each other, and several months later, I picked her up and took her home. We managed to arrange her divorce, and that was my first experience with a Filipina.

Since then, I have been so surprised by the friendliness, kindness, supportiveness, and submissiveness (although that’s not my main concern) of Filipino ladies. Even better than my experience with Eastern European ladies in the 90s in Russia. 4 years later, we separated for very private reasons I cannot disclose here. But we parted as good friends, and I have the utmost respect for her.

Since then, I am only interested in Filipino ladies. I started visiting several Asian countries, and though I’m sure there are good women to be found in those countries, the language barrier often stopped me from digging deeper. The obligation to pay a dowry in countries like Thailand is also a red flag for me. As soon as money is involved, you have to be careful. In my personal view, those girls are less “tender” than Filipino girls. Though don’t take it as a rule.

Most of the Filipinas speak very good English, or at least well enough to start a relationship. They’re family-oriented, committed, and submissive. There are other pages here at Pinaheart that talk more about this.

I’m now married to a Filipina and happier than ever before. The love and warmth you receive cannot be described in words. However, I want to warn you that it takes time to find the perfect match. Don’t think you have a good chance of finding the woman of your dreams in just a few weeks. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this. It took me more than 1 year to find my wife, but it was more than worth it. You might be lucky to find her faster, or you might be less picky than me, but I don’t believe in miracles.

Since my first Filipina experience, I decided to create a dating website again, but this time only focused on the Philippines. For those men looking for a cozy home together with a beautiful sweet lady, with the mentality from the 1950s, this is your best chance.

Before you jump into a quick search, let me give some personal advice from my own experience. This is not a supermarket where you simply select a girl. You have to be realistic:

  • Never ever send money before meeting in person.
    This is rule number one. At Pinaheart, we’re working very hard to remove scammers and fake accounts. It is daily hard work and not easy, so you need common sense for your search. Yes, most people in the Philippines are very poor, and who am I to say they cannot reach for financial improvement? However, as soon as you’re sending money, you are not sure of the ladies' motivations to chat every day with you. Don’t listen to stories about hospitals, houses burning down, grandmothers dying, phones breaking… do NOT send money, period. If you can’t resist, fly to the Philippines and find out in person what’s going on, but do not send your money before having met the girl.
  • Age gap: a 27-year-old Filipina with a 55-year-old American is perfectly possible. But be realistic: The wider the age gap, the more potential issues. As a 65-year-old man, don’t go for the 19-year-old pretty girl. Although in my view it IS possible, I would certainly not recommend it. Yes, age is not important for most Filipina, but don’t stretch it beyond belief.
  • Girls who say “hello” and ask for your Skype or Telegram account immediately… avoid.
  • Ladies showing off their breasts in their profile pictures: don’t be tempted. She can be real, but you should know that Filipina are often shy and even at the beach, you won’t see too many in bikinis. So be very careful. Girls asking for your email or Whatsapp to send their nude pictures: just block them and report them to us.
    Most often they will try to switch to private chat before doing so. Please always report them to us so we can block them. Send a screenshot if possible.
  • Filipina “investors”: chances are big that they will talk about their successful investment in cryptocurrencies. Avoid. 99% sure it’s a scammer. Also be careful of young Filipina running several businesses.
  • When you feel positive after at least 10-20 messages, you could switch over to another chat app and share more (decent) photos. Then it’s time to do a video chat.
    Some women are expert in showing very old, amazing photos. You also want to be 100% that the person in the pictures is the one you’re talking to, so have some video chat now and then, of at least several minutes where you can clearly hear and understand what she’s saying. If her connection is too bad, you can postpone it until she’s at a wifi hotspot, or you can ask to send a very short video where she answers your questions.
    Again: don’t send any money, if you can’t resist, book a flight and visit her.

Be patient. Until you really feel you've got a very good girl, talk to many ladies simultaneously. Most of them will be nothing and can be forgotten. That’s life. You will often find out after only a few messages that you’re not on the same frequency. It’s normal. You need only one lady, so don’t be too quickly disappointed.