Filipino Dating: Is Dating a Filipina Worth it?

Love is a beautiful feeling. Although its meaning varies to different people, it contains the same warmth, affection, emotions, and attitudes. We all have an ardent desire to love, to care, and of course, have it in return. And maybe, finding foreign dating partner will satisfy your longing. Among the 55.3 million loving Filipina, giving yourself a chance to date one is quite worth it. Your desire for love may come into fulfillment as they are the perfect candidate to take good care of your heart.

Filipino relationships and marriages often start from shared commonalities they discover on initial meeting; this can be just about as profound as sharing philosophical views, religious beliefs, or a liking to a similar film, artist, hobby, book, or band. Such conversations build up ‘chemistry’ between a Filipina and a possible partner.

If you haven’t met ‘The One’ and are still in the process of searching for a partner, why don’t you pick up your gadget and start using online dating services and find the love of your life? Perhaps, a Filipina might be the right one for you.

There’s a lot of Filipina dating a foreigner. Would you believe it if I tell you that one article asserted that 430,000 marriages happened in the Philippines last 2017, and nearly 50,000 are Filipino-Foreigner weddings? It makes more than 10% of the total marriage count!

However, if you are planning to make a move to a Filipina, take note of the things you should and shouldn’t say during the conversation- the Dos and Dont’s!

Filipinos are renowned for their hospitality, gentleness, and warmth. You won’t be having regrets if you date or marry the one you will meet on Filipina girls and women dating websites.

Here’s nine (9) reason why finding girls from the Philippines and dating them is worthy:

1.Filipino women are among the most beautiful women in the world.

Beauty shouldn’t be the basis of love, but if your standard requires appealing features, then a Filipina is a good catch! Filipino women are known for being exotically beautiful people, and this is absolutely not a bluff! Aside from having inside values, Filipino women take on the stage of international beauty pageants too. The two recent Filipino Miss Universe titleholders- Pia Wurtzback and Catriona Gray, can attest to that.

A Filipina has a light natural color to brown skin, a curvy body, and a lovely face. Filipino women indeed are wonderful outwardly as well as within!

Filipina style is unique and classic. Filipina stands apart from other women since they have their extraordinary distinction, and they are exceptionally appealing in the way they carry themselves. The morena or tanned brunette shade of a Filipina is one alluring trademark that people love. And with their magnetizing expressive eyes, Filipino women get the men’s fascination everywhere in the world.

They have a character and appeal that many foreigners would love. But of course, don’t just give in to beauty temptation. Make sure to find a beautiful partner on free dating sites for serious relationships. We don’t just want a fling, do we?

2. Filipino women are excellent conversationalists.

One important thing you should look for in a partner is someone who could understand you- well, emotionally and literally. You can’t have a sincere conversation with someone who can’t speak your language, alright? Misunderstanding and misinterpretation can be prevented if you can meet each other halfway.

Filipinos have two primary languages- English and Filipino. What’s more impressive is the Philippines is among the largest English-speaking country around the globe. Most have an excellent educational background. If you chose a Filipina, the chances are low that you will be having communication problems as they can talk with you.

3. Filipino women are strong and free-spirited.

In the early stages, mothers guide Filipino girls to improve the virtues of being a homemaker. They were raised to do household chores like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of kids. Hence, you can trust and have the confidence that your home will be taken good care of. However, keep in mind that this era is loaded with working women. Filipino women may naturally have the qualities of a homemaker, but their pride in independence stands still.

If you desire a wife material kind of partner, a Filipina would be suitable for you.

4. Filipino women are well-groomed and hygienic.

On chances that you’re unhygienic, I would suggest not dating a Filipina. It’s in a Filipina character to take good care of herself, not missing a hygienic routine a day. They even take a bath at least three times a day, brush their teeth every after a meal, and uses several products to keep themselves presentable and sweet-smelling. It will be a big turn-off for Filipino women to see men if they have untidy and stinking clothes, bad breath, body odor, and unkempt fingernails.

If you’re searching for a partner and eventually find a Filipina, note that they want things tidy and clean. Better start grooming yourself now!

5. Filipino women love too deep.

With cultural contrasts, you might find it hard to court a Filipina. They frequently play hard to get, and yet once you get to earn her love, they could be the ones standing with you through thick and thins. Filipino women won’t leave you hanging in the air as they love their partner earnestly. You’re one heck of a lucky man when you get loved by a Filipina. They do not look at outward appearance but deep inside your soul.

6. Filipino women value the sanctity of marriage.

Due to strong background in religious upbringing and culture, Filipina respect and value the sanctity of marriage. They are intensely loyal and faithful to their partners. Filipino women believe that if they are going to marry someone, the main reason should be their love for each other. Hence, they stay committed to their husband until death separates them. You don’t just search Filipino girls for dating. You find a Filipina for marriage.

Chances of divorce are rare because rather than splitting, which is common in western countries, Filipino women prefer to discuss and talk calmly about the problem at hand and solve it. Instead of running away from their partner, they look for solutions with them. They will do everything to work things out. But of course, relationships take two-person to work; the partner should do their part too.

No one wants to have an uncertain relationship so if you want a lasting and sincere one, better find Filipino girls up for marriage from real online dating sites!

7. Filipino women would stay with you even if you’re rat poor.

You might have heard stories about a Filipina marrying a foreigner just for money, but that wasn’t entirely true! In fact, many Filipina is willing to live in poverty to be with someone they love. They cherish feelings over money and believe that money isn’t enough to make a relationship work long-time.

These Asian girls believe that bliss doesn’t always come from money alone. Hence, dating a Filipina doesn’t require you to be rich. So if you’re thinking about the sickening low balance on your bank account, a Filipina couldn’t care less!

8. Filipino women are family-oriented.

Family is considered the best asset to Filipinos. Thus, parents raised their children to take good care of all family members by helping with their needs in every aspect. A Filipina is raised with family values, and they wouldn’t dare to trade family for wealth, fame, and anything else this world can offer. They highly believe and live off the saying that family always comes first. Filipina women are the perfect girls for marriage, aren’t they?

9. Filipino women smile often.

It was said that Thai is considered The Land of Smiles, but Filipinos live by it! Filipino women often smile; it is rare to see one not smiling. If you have set your heart on dating or marrying a Filipina, you can be sure that you will always be welcome by a cheerful face that could make you feel better all day long. If you go home having a bad day, they will cheer you up by pestering you, cooking for you, or sharing comfortable words that may lift you. They wouldn’t stop until they see a smile on your face.